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Homosexuality and Religious Denominations
Homosexuality and The Bible


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Image of David Bellville with his dog      ☩David Christopher Bellville, Vicar of the Church of the Good Samaritan.

☩David Christopher Bellville,Ph.D. is our founder and Vicar. ☩David is a priest and also a bishop in the The Converging Community in Christ . He holds a Ph.D. in Pastoral Psychology from Boston University Graduate School; a Master of Theological Studies from BU School of Theology; a Diploma in Anglican Studies from General Theological Seminary; and Bachelor and Master degrees in Spanish from Michigan State University.

Our Mission Statement:

We are a diverse and ever-changing community. We remain faithful to our mission and to those whom we serve. The Church of the Good Samaritan is a free-standing and independent church. We have tax-exempt and non-profit status in the State of Maine, and are a federal 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.

There is a long tradition of small, independent churches in our state and throughout the Northeast. The church is governed by a Council which guides and advises, and by monthly congregational meetings where decisions are made and finalized as the direction and needs of the church dictate. Our clergy serve by election by the church. Denominational affiliation is also decided by the church, depending on clergy that serve us.