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Homosexuality and Religious Denominations
Homosexuality and The Bible

All are welcome in our community...

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  Our Ministry - Prayer

Central to our concept of living a life of faith is prayer. Contemplation, silence, meditation and prayer are part of our commitment to finding that 'still voice within' that guides and comforts. We receive and pray for intentions on a regular basis. We encourage our members and larger community to pray, and read the assigned daily scripture reading from the Revised Common Lectionary. We publish these readings in our weeekly newsletter.

         Our Ministry - Mission

We seek to serve God in all persons, loving our neighbor as ourselves. We, as followers of the living Christ, are committed to reaching out to those left behind, marginalized, or alienated from the church or society for whatever reason. We are involved in outreach, pastoral care of those suffering, Wednesday night study groups, and outreach and Christmas caroling in local nursing homes.

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Image of Madonna Mosaic   Our Ministry - Worship

Our worship is drawn primarily from the Anglican tradition and from the Orthodox, Protestant, and Catholic faiths. We also include elements of Native American spirituality in our worship. We meditate with icons, candlelight and music before each service. We include a scripture reading as response to the "Clobber Texts."