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Homosexuality and Religious Denominations
Homosexuality and The Bible

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The Church of the Good Samaritan is a 501(c)3 organization. * All * donations are fully tax-deductible. November 20, 2018

Dear Friend,
     We are grateful for our ministry of prayer and service that has now continued for 17 years! We are happy in our 'catacombs' in the basement space we occupy in Brunswick, Maine. It allows us space for a chapel, a small church office, bathroom, and kitchen.
     We meet most Sundays but for various reasons will meet less regularly during the winter months. Our ministry is a contemplative one mostly; meaning that it is one of prayer and meditation.
     We continue to welcome your prayer requests. We also support the local food bank
and various other ministries that individuals are involved in. The Good Samaritan notices
the one at the side of the road . . . the one who might not be noticed or attended to by 'the important folks.'
     We are writing to you to ask for your support for our ongoing mission and ministry. We continue
to welcome those who might not be comfortable attending a larger church; those in transition;
the GLBT community; and any who find our church a quiet and safe place to grow spiritually.
     In addition to our worship services, we run a thriving web-based ministry of prayer, information
and reflection on current issues. Our weekly newsletter reaches hundreds worldwide. We hope
to go live on Facebook in the spring of 2019.

Will you help us with our ongoing work?

     This is the time of our annual appeal, and your fully tax-deductible donation will go a long way with us.
If you wish to support our mission you may do so by simply sending a check made payable to Church of the Good Samaritan and mail it to our office at:
                                                                               4 Stanwood St
                                                                    Brunswick,   ME  04011-2846


You may make your donation via PayPal.
Click 'Donate via Paypal' link below to do so. It will process your donation securely.
When completed, just close that browser window.

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Council of the Church of the Good Samaritan

Thank you very much for your support!